lies for lust

by another mistake

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released August 21, 2011



all rights reserved


another mistake Louisville, Kentucky

another mistake is stephen price-guitar aj graninger-bass lake tracy-drums dpain-guitar tyler short-vocals

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Track Name: obsessed wih extremes
this bond wasn't meant to break
i will always pick myself off the ground
i recognize there's more at stake
its more than just a sound
nothing can stray this faith

it was always said "things will be like this forever"
i was always taught never to say never
guess i should have always saw this coming
that the day would come where your word would mean nothing
you always made the point to be the center of attention
when your focus switched you still kept the pretension
now it seems so clear, who you are is who you're near
should have seen the clues, its about who you know and who knows you

built up a trust then let it fade to dust
now i'm done i'm done i'm done i'm fucking done
i'm done expecting you to ever pull through
now that all your dreams are made,
while you're chained to the mirror and the razorblade
i'm sure you're in a very cool place
i bet you love all your new found tastes
i still carry your sincerity,
might have ruined you but time can't change me
addictions can't fucking fade me,
this is just something you never truly believed
Track Name: detained
If there's one thing i've learned in my life
it's you don't get smart with cops no matter how much you think you're right
incarceration without explanation has come to be an expectation
got a problem better handle it yourself
cause the law don't care and i don't think that it ever will

all they uphold is their weekly wage
cause the cops don't need you and man they expect the same
forever fucked left with the blame
delinquent kids dodging the chains
Track Name: inescapable
its getting harder to fall asleep with all of the thoughts i keep
tucked in my head feels like i'd rather be dead
got somethin to live for but unsure of what's in store
around every bend i seem to lose more friends

sometimes i feel that i'm too kind, might as well be fucking blind
it's just been a habit of mine to tell myself i'll be fine
but i know i'm not right, peace is something i'll never find
so why should i even try in the end i'll just fucking die

now i try not to make a peep, just make it to the next week
drowning in debt i can't seem to get ahead
i got nothing to live for, got problems i can't ignore
just wish i could fall asleep, spend my nights counting sheep

if everybody is slipping over the edge
i guess i'll be next. life just leads to death
Track Name: lies for lust
Our Innocence has been stolen in the strangers beds we've been sharing
should just look out for yourself, you'd rather force feelings with someone you can live without.
it really makes alot of sense to throw away your friendships
over a person you are dating, because they got your virginity

a step away from them would be a step in the direction
of a life devoid of love and affection

tell me i'm wrong i just don't think they're the one
to me your fucking soul mate shouldn't be someone you felt an obligation to date.
got a pretty fucked up sense of attachment, the only thing you share is a mattress.
where the fuck did you dig up this shit head, lonelier now than before you even met.

a step away from them would be a step in the direction
of a life devoid of love and affection

i don't understand how you keep fucking that liar
i know everybody's different just figured you were smarter
lives of lust with nothing to discuss
lies for lust in the absence of trust
keep lying to yourself
feel the chains tighten up
Track Name: trendsetter
it's the way you walk not the way you talk
so you can drop the charade we don't need your gimmicks
you can save your act for someone who gets it
i know you're intelligent and so edgy, i know it helps your popularity
how the fuck anyone connects to this bullshit
leads me to believe they are fucking idiots

so you put on a show? what the fuck do you know?
about poverty and pain, quit playin your games
you make light of real problems real people face
i'm tired of your hipness and i hate your pretentiousness
why can't you be yourself gotta pretend to be somebody else
i'm sick of your slickness and i despise your self-centeredness
why can't you be yourself gotta pretend to be somebody else
Track Name: backpeddler
so this is it? psyched to say that we were friends
always backed you up when nobody else would
apparently the common courtesy wasn't really understood
glad i got to find out what you say about me when i'm not around

the olive branch was always extended
took one look at it and then you fucking burned

Made your fucking point, yeah we fucking get it.
A cooler point of view and you’re the first to have said it.
The cheapest way for you to feel respected.
But you don’t have mine, and you’ll never fucking get it.

shoulda kept your mouth shut but you ran it instead
when the fuck will you realize somethings are better left unsaid
throw another fit, and talk some more shit
its more than fucking music what don't you get?

caught in the act but i'm sure its not what you meant
Track Name: open forum
if acting like you is what its like to be mature
then i'm never growing up and that's for sure
quit acting like you know me
your life is a joke and its not very funny
had every chance to make a change
made up your mind to be a fucking pain

i allied myself against your enemies
figured you'd do the same for me
how fucking wrong could i be?
when hating me was your next passing theme
keep saying you ain't tryin to pick fights
pretty sure you don't even know what i look like
vocal chords replaced with a keyboard
life must suck when its cool to be bored
thrive on your songs of betrayal
you will never see that you're the best example
this shouldn't be new territory
being fake seems to come so naturally

don't stifle me with disinterest
this is too fucking important
don't spoil it with your sense of entitlement
keep your trendy two cents cause we don't wanna hear it
Track Name: fate decided
there's not an ounce of faith left inside these veins
to believe that everything will be ok not a mistake i intend to make
so i'll leave you pathetic motherfuckers in my wake
never kneeling for the past
not trying to make a fucking mess
not pretending i've been blessed
just giving my 110 percent
my fates decided

if life is what you make it then i'll save some time and fucking take it
its not like we were built to last flesh and bones turn to dust so fast
not trying to be the best at being prepared like the rest
not killing time just taking what's mine
i will not leave it up to fate
to decide for me which path to take

don't waste your time with saving my soul
my fate will be decided by the brain in my skull

uncross this heart and learn to live
i will thrive in sin while you pretend to give